Finding the Appropriate Open Source Projects for me

My first job as a developer was a co-op Front end Developing job. While working I realized that it is something that interests me. I love making web applications/websites more user friendly and look prettier. Hence, when I was researching on the open source projects and trying to find some on which I might be interested to work on, one of them had to be a Front End Developing Project.


NativeScript is a framework that uses Javascript and CSS to build Android and iOS mobile applications. How wonderful is it! if you can build a mobile application that can run on both the platforms(Android and iOS) by just using simple JavaScript and CSS. Last semester I took both Android and IOS courses and I realized that both building environments for both the platforms are different and it can be confusing and time consuming if you have to build an application that runs on Android and iOS. NativeScript just made it simpler.

React Native

React Native is another framework that let’s you build mobile applications using JavaScript. React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps. You just have to put those building blocks together using JavaScript and React.

In one of the courses that I am taking this semester, I have to do the documentation of a project that me and my group will be developing next semester and we have selected React Native to build our cross platform application. I am looking forward to work on React Native as I have worked on React once and also it will be a good practice for the coming semester.


This open source project is an online tool which deals with managing peer evaluations. It is build using Java. This project is not only interesting but working on this project will help me improve my java knowledge. Also, this project has been labeled as beginner friendly.



React Native


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