Update on Release 0.2

Working on Release 0.2 has been very interesting. In Release 0.1 we had a bug already found but for this release we have to a find a bug and fix it! I am still working on finding a bug I can work on.

I have downloaded NativeScript and React-Native on my local machine, the projects I blogged about last week. I tried to look through the list of issues first on GitHub but I couldn’t find a bug I could work on. A lot of the bugs were about how the project could not run on different systems and memory loss while I was more interested in finding a code bug.

While I was looking through the list of issues I found an interesting bug which has given me a new perception to look for bugs. I would like to share that pull request as I think it is an interesting bug and it can help others to look for a new bug.

In the above image as you can see the respected developer found an issue in the project by trying to improve the style code, which I think is a great idea to find a bug.

Moreover, while looking through this bug I found a way to fix this issue and this bug might result into a potential pull request. When the developer updated code of a Login button to use absolute as its position, he faced an issue with the button not working. I researched and have found a fix! First let me show you what is the bug.

Here as you can see the developer has not included height and width for the parent element. I just found a fix for it!

You can fix it by including height and width for the parent element.

After attending today’s class of OSD600 and hearing stories from my classmates, some of them are struggling to find a bug while some of them already have, has motivated me to think out of box and look for some other projects where I can find a bug and work on it.

Link to the Bug

Link to bug-fix

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