Update on Release 0.4

For Release 0.4 I have worked on Vibranium-dark. It is a Web App that is created for Developer Student Clubs in Sub Saharan Africa. However, they are open to other contributors for the project. I enjoy working with on UI of applications. By simply using HTML and CSS a page can be made to look so much nicer!

For the first issue I worked on, they wanted to update the UI of Meet the Team section of their web app. That section was using carousel, hence you cannot see all the team members all at once. They wanted to update it so that all the team members can be visible all at once in one page in a specific format. It was interesting to know about Carousel. By using carousel you can display a slide of images/elements you want to display.

For the second issue I have created a pre-loader page from scratch. It was interesting to see the variety of loaders can be created. From a very basic one to a very fancy one. However, I decided to stick with the basic idea of displaying a circular loading icon with some fancy design.

Moreover, I have been working on the issue that I choose for Release 0.3 from TEAMMATES. Working on TEAMMATES has been very interesting as they have a lot of tests that you have about the syntax of your code. After fixing the syntax errors of my code my pull request has been able to pass all the required tests. I still have to add some sorting functionality for student-list table and then finally I will be done with that issue. I will keep on working on that issue until it will be merged into TEAMMATES’s master branch.


Vibranium-dark: issue4, issue38, pullRequestForIssue4, pullRequestForIssue38

TEAMMATES issue, pullRequest

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