Update on Release 0.4

For release 0.4 I have found 2 bugs that I would like to work on. I am going to start with working on TeacherFund_next‘s issue. This issue works around the login/Registration page and is a UI enhancement. However, I see another developer also willing to work on this issue. Hence I have found another issue that I can work on in case this one gets a fix.

The second issue that I am going to work on is from Vibranium. This issue is also a UI fix. However, since not alot of information has been provided on this issue I have asked the developer who created this issue for help. I am still going to fork a repo and look deeper into it, in case I can figure it out on my own.

Lastly I am also working on the issue I worked on for my Release 0.3 from TEAMMATES. That issue has not been fixed yet completely as I need some more information about the sorting feature for table at that point in time. Now, since I have got more information about it and also a developer has helped me figure out why my PR was not passing the tests, I would like to continue working on that one as well and close my PR!



TeacherFund_next : issue

Vibranium : issue

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