After working on few projects for this release, some were successful while some failed. I realized that having proper guidance provided by the lead contributers of the application can be really helpful.

I started with attempting to work on typscript which is a big project. When I asked one of the lead contributor of project to help me with getting started with the issue, he said they were not well staffed to provide 1 to 1 help to other developers. When I was working on Marquez, which is a smaller project, the lead contributor was really helpful and helped me to pass my pull requests and merge my code.

Hence, having good fellow /lead contributors who help you with the process can be really vital. I have worked on just one pull request out of the 4 I made which was related to web development(I am experienced in) while the others were related to java, one of the languages I am not very comfortable working with. It has helped me gain confidence to try new languages and projects which are outside of my comfort zone.

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