Projects and Issues for future release

Release 0.2 has been very useful so far in helping me decide which projects I should work on. In release 0.2 I tried to work on big projects as well as small ones. According to my experience, the lead developing team of big trending projects is usually too occupied, it can be difficult to work on an issue of a completely new project without any guidelines. As a result of which I ended up working on something which was completely irrelevant to the issue. Hence, for release 0.3 I have decided to work on smaller projects, as the developing team usually replies fast also helps you with where to start from and through the process of making a pull request.

TeacherFund_next is a charity to support teachers in a way that encourages great teachers to stay, and potentially great teachers to choose teaching as a career path. This includes providing supplemental funds and supplies to school teachers in need.

TeacherFund_next is still growing and it has many new features to be added. I think it will be perfect to work on this project for Release 0.3 as we have to work on bigger bugs and do some meaningful contributions. Issue from TeacherFund_next, a table has to be implemented showing the payout and payment information.

This semester, I am taking Data Structure and Algorithm course which encouraged me to dig deeper into algorithms. JavaScript-algorithms contains JavaScript based examples of many popular algorithms and data structures. An issue from JavaScript-algorithms deals with binary search tree which I have recently learned in my Data Structure and Algorithms class and working on this issue will help me to play around with it and learn more.



issue from TeacherFund_next


issue from JavaScript-algorithms

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