Updated on Release 0.2 (Part4)

My third and last bug from Marquez was a new one for me. It was disable javaDoc from CheckStyle.xml file. I had never worked with CheckStyle.xml file before. According to the description of the issue, because of validation for javaDoc, the application was throwing errors.

Working on this issue consumed a little longer than working on the other one’s as I had to do some research. Initially I updated to have ignore assigned to the values of javaDoc validation which threw error and prevented from being merged with the master.

Luckily one of the contributor who has helped me through the entire process of creating and successfully merging pull requests on Marquez helped me to solve the bug.

After having a detailed look at the document I concluded that in order to disable a validation we have to assign the scope property to “nothing” instead.

My fourth pull request refers to bug #2from DH_04_VerteileSysteme. This project was totally made me step out of my comfort zone as it is mostly documented in a foreign language. The Readme document that guides through the necessary softwares and requirements for the project is itself in a foreign language. Hence I had to look through technical words and assume some parts.

The bug that I worked on is an UI issue. I have always been interested in working on UI side of applications and websites and this issue was a chance for me to work on it. I have updated my changes and made a pull request. However, I have not received any reviews from the contributors yet.

The bug #2 from DH_04_VerteileSysteme is based on the login page of the application. I updated the CSS of the project to change border color once the user clicks on the button and I removed the login icon from the button as requested in the issue.

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