Updated on Release 0.2 (Part 3)

The Second pull request I made is also from Marquez. Issue was to bind {namespace} to NamespaceName . Although, it is the same kind of issue as the first pull request I made, interestingly, submitting a pull request for this issue was not the same and as simple. For this issue once I updated the files and this time I was sure that my updated code is correct as I had already worked on similar issue and my pull request was reviewed and merged into master. However, I was getting bugs! When I dug deeper I found out that the problem was in the tester file. Hence, for this pull request I worked and corrected the tester files as well.

The problem in the tester files was the parameters that were being passed. One interesting thing I found about Marquez is that once you have updated and solved the issue you are working on you have to create a tester file. For my issues the tester files were already created but I got a chance to edit them and go through them!

I submitted a pull request and once I made a minor change(running gradlew spotlessApply) to correct the syntax my pull request was merged successfully into master after one of the contributor’s reviewed my code.


Pull request for bind {namespace} to NamespaceName issue

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