Updates on Release 0.3

I found a very interesting bug from TeacherFund_next. The reason I mentioned interesting is that I have to start working on it from scratch. Usually while working on issues before, I had to read someone else’s code and research on what is wrong, how can I correct it. However, the issue I am currently working on is adding a new feature to the application from scratch.

In the issue the developer has mentioned that since I will be designing the style and the order of the columns there will be a lot of going back and forth to achieve the desired results. This is the first time I will be going through this process and I am very eager to see how the end result would be.

For the issue I am working on I am using react to work on it. I have to create a table with columns like

  • Type Donor
  • Date
  • Amount

This table will have be in its own component. There is a full possibility that I will be asked to redo the table, add more columns once I submit an initial pull request.


Issue: https://github.com/teacherfund/TeacherFund_next/issues/40

Project: https://github.com/teacherfund/TeacherFund_next/tree/master/components

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