Release 0.3

Initially I planned to work on a bug from TeacherFund_next. However, othere developer ended up submitting a pull request before.

I found a very interesting issue to work on for Release 0.3 from TEAMMATES. It is an online tool used by teachers and students. I found an issue to work on the web side of the application. The web part of the application uses Angular. I have worked on angular before at my co-op work term, hence I really enjoyed working on this issue from TEAMMATES.

Issue 9510 from TEAMMATES is about add sorting feature to course tables so that the instructor can sort the table entries. Since it was my first time contributing to TEAMMATES, the member who created the issue asked me to work on a firstTimer bug. However, since I am familiar with angular I was confident to work on this bug.

I sorted the tables for course list. The issue also refereed to sorting StudentList component’s table. However, I needed more information to work on that part as that part is already sorted by TEAM.

I added some HTML code to call sort functions in .ts files for different course list tables

Also created sort functions to sort course list. One of the sort function is shown below


Pull request


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